Celo has weaved an intricate masterpiece with the track “Fall”. The energy in this release is high, pushed along with incredibly sculpted drums and subtly modulated bassline, everything that a listener wants in a drum and bass tune. This track, available on Nu-Venture Records, is top quality and I have enjoyed every second of it, so much so that I have replayed it several times in order to fully appreciate it while not writing to the groove. The instrumentation is well balanced and perfectly mixed with very effective use of effects and filters to alter the balance of the leading instruments. The drum fills and twists in the breaks are fun to listen to and give the track a real identity.

I’ve heard a fair few tracks from Celo now, and they get stronger all the time while retaining his signature sound and production values. I’d heavily recommend listening to the catalogue so that you can appreciate this music production of drum and bass at its finest.

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