This is Ash:Ram’s debut EP on Celsius Recordings and it is quite special. Starting with Crushed, we are straight in to a deep rolling drum and bass track with fluttering overtone melodies and brilliant production all round. The drums sound fresh and exciting with their percussive elements darting in and out, while the bass pulsates and pull the track around brilliantly.

Title track Vertigo starts as a more ambient track but when it drops we are pulled straight back to the mood and groove we were just swaying too, but dressed up in a whole new incarnation of the Ash:Ram style. The bass still pulls around but its now a familiarity that we long for when listening. This track has a great vibe and is my favourite on the EP.

Gently leans slightly more to a breaks style to start with, its more scatty feeling but still precision drums keep you on your toes as you find yourself moving yet again to the infectious groove. The vocals and pianos compliment each other beautifully in this track giving a perfectly rounded EP of three powerful and amazing produced drum and bass tracks.
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