This track drew me in and grabbed my attention instantly. It has a timeless sound, that points you towards it’s influences and references the sound and time that it wants to be representing. The production on the track is great with the instrumentation really supporting the vocals. The space around the vocal is really nice to be a part of when listening to the track. There is something about the vocal that makes it seen like AJ Kapone is sat in the room with you. And all the vibe falls in to place as the track comes to an end and engineer is spoken to through the mic. Its a classic technique to bring the listener in to the studio, but it is done almost like a twist in this track and it works really well.


I’ve listened to what I can find so far of this artist, and I think that if there is the opportunity for him to keep writing and producing, he can be one to watch. His flow and lyrical production is really on point and his hip hop, rap, soul influences are a delight to listen to. The confidence in the delivery is great to listen to and really adds a level of professionalism and determination to come through the music. I really like the vibe.


Check out AJ Kapone on Soundcloud.

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