This ambient, dream like track from Marcibagoly is a beautiful way to loose track of time and drift in to the serene pad that swells throughout the track. The piece is called ‘Nubes’ and is part of the Grey Convection release on Technofonika Records.

The piano is wrapped in a lush reverb that gives the piano strikes there own space in the track. This is a simple composition, but the layers and effects are mesmerising to listen to and suggests that the track is going to drop at any second.

The rest of the ep is really nice listen to and falls somewhere between dub techno and ambient music styles. All the sounds are really clean and the use of effects is tasteful and well controlled throughout. A wonderful set of tracks.

With his ‘Don’t Hide’ EP, Chemitoe brings us ‘Don’t Hide Tonight’. Coming from Buffalo, NY, this is a development of house and pop styles that works brilliantly well with the infectious vocal line that is cleverly manipulated throughout the track.

The synth arpeggiated riff is created using a techno or trance style lead which gives a really nice contrast against the rounded bass and smooth vocals. The development of the riff through the breakdown is really nice toilets to and give real depth to the performance of the part.

The drums sounds great, with a strong progression and development throughout the track that holds the structure and drives the arrangement, building energy as the track rises.

The rest of the EP is also worth checking out, I really liked the piano part in ‘Where’s Luna’ as a contrast to the pumping and breathing elements in the rest of the track.