‘Man of the House’ is a brilliantly cool blend of hip hop with electronic and orchestral elements that build an excellent platform for the story to be told over the top. The variations that mix up the driving beat,  funky piano and bass are brilliant examples of modern production values that propel a classic style and instrument set into an amazing track that has depth and detail that really supports and defines the the artists on display – Don Jovani and Dwayne Nate.

The different ad-libs supporting the main vocals give a real sense of experimentation and desire to create a vocal that is forward thinking and well produced. It paints a picture that you can re-imagine in your mind as you follow the facts and storyline that is delivered.

I really enjoyed listening to this track because the the instrumental in so interesting and well produced, these are some great musicians and producers who are creating some brilliant stuff and I’m eagerly waiting to listen to some more!

K2T in collaboration with Sirus blow us away with a smooth, liquid Drum and Bass number called ‘Rwenzori’ which is available on Detached Audio. The track features a lush piano which holds all the elements together in a timeless fashion. The drums are crisp and punchy throughout, with subtle movements of the high percussion in the stereo image. The drum and bass element of the track is well balanced against the much more important piano part, ensuring the all the drive and energy is right there, holding the piano up and allowing all the tone to be heard.

I really like this track because the piano is so calming and when paired with the energy of the percussion, makes you sway from side to side with a big smile on your face. This track was over all too soon and had to be instantly replayed, second time round doesn’t disappoint at all, but with the expectation of the surge of energy that comes with the drop which allows you to fall back in to the sultry groove from moments earlier.

The variations within the drums keep the progression of the track moving along and rising in energy before dropping down to leave the effected piano to soar. These are both very talented producers who have pulled together a blinding track which should be something you listen to right now.

Celo, from Denmark, has released this brilliant double track EP featuring this blinder called ‘Calling’, which is possibly one of the meanest and hypnotic tracks i’ve listened to for a while! It’s easy to throw words like that around about any track you listen too, but this honestly feels so organic, wide and spacious, yet focused and punishingly direct to the listener. The drums are developed and positioned with such precision that every sound lands perfectly in the sonic spectrum. This is a producer really on top of their game.

This is a real delight to listen too, as you reach for the volume dial, it just sounds better, and not because its louder, but because you are now inside the track which has started to progress through a development of grooves, giving a whole different feel to the track. We are hanging to the awesome synth work that we are already moving to yet the drums have really pushed us on to a new level. This is something that just needs to be listened to.

The bass tones and variations are really fun to listen to and this mixed with the drums, other synth work and space that is within the track are really inspiring for any music producer or musician to feed off. Amazing stuff.

This is part of the ‘Aliens Are Coming’ EP available on Fresh DEM Records, Deeper Creeper by DJ Ryde. A truly upbeat and bouncy drum and bass tracks that is produced to a very high standard, and contains all the parts of a true dnb classic. The playful melody floats above the rest of the soundscape, manipulated and modulated with little stutters and alterations. Underneath it, an energetic drum beat drives the track forward with that stab bass accenting the midrange riff, which then falls on to a bass tone. This is a really cleverly produced piece of music that showcases the ability of DJ Ryde.


I love the little half time break, but I am partial to a drastic alteration in the track or that spaced out moment before the track builds and drops again. This is really cool, I will be listening to the rest of the EP straight away!


Although this is not necessarily the type of drum and bass that I would normally reach for, this track and the rest of the EP is really fun and i did really enjoy the production values that have gone in to this, while leaning towards more Jump Up drum and bass the further the EP unfolds, it even got me wondering about developing some more music with this feel of energy. So if it gets you to want to make music, dance or jump – it must have hit the nail on the head!