This is simply a lush soundscape of rich synths and ambient tones that reaches far in to the distance and out from the speakers with a magical amount of space. The track is called “Bordeaux 7am” and is by the very talented Flexagon.

The colder tones in this track are reminiscent of a familiar futuristic, sound palette for a modern cinematic, while the rich, warm lower tones lean more towards an organic, more open sound. The occasional, heartbeat style drums really give the music, which already has its own pulse, a definitive foothold and sense of pacing. I really enjoyed listening to the space in this track created by the use of the stereo field and movement within the reverbs.

This is extremely ambient while also emotional, thought provoking and inspirational, even through the evolving tones and soundscape instrumentation and structure that has been used to capture such a journey. Brilliant music. Flexagon also puts a stunning series of ambient through Electronica Dj mixes which are fantastic to listen to.

This track just demands attention from the listener. There is a rich tapestry of scratchy, metallic sounding dark synths, worked over an intricate beat that continuously propels the music forward. The production of each individual sound in the title track “Radio Signals”, from the EP crossover collaboration between SynthForce and DJ Ransome, is smooth and precise, leaving acres of space for the continuous progression of movement within the amazing sound palette that has been used.

The manipulation of the bass and synths is really fun to listen to, and its contrast against the harmonically rich plucked string is such a juxtaposition against the rest of the track that it bring a wide smile to the face.

I really enjoyed this track and it goes without saying with the calibre of these producers. The rest of the EP is, as to be expected, top quality, with the rich, heavy and glitchy elements of “Behemoth” and the fun switch with the vocal in “Without You”. Get your ears on this EP available through Inna Rhythm Recordings.

The Untouchables give us a mesmerisingly, hypnotic groove driven track called ‘Silence Your EGO’. This is available on the well respected Samurai Music. This track is simply infectious and will have you swaying as if under a trance. It’s spooky and dark, yet inviting and amazingly sculpted with some excellent sound design. I’ve listened to it several times round and really love the way the sounds are mixed and positioned against each other.

I really enjoyed the movement in the drums and the tones that swell from low down and up through the reverberant highs. The vocal chant is really cool and is possibly one of the sounds that gives this such a sinister edge at times. As the music progresses, that mesmerising beat is still pounding along keeping you moving. Brilliant track, check it out 🙂 Its part of their EP – Mutations.

Taken from the ‘Out of Time’ album released in 2017, Hugo Kant’s ‘This Is Just The Beginning’ is an absolute masterpiece to round off a superb album. I’ve listened through the whole album several times, and it is a real journey that can be enjoyed by all listeners and music lovers. But for me, ‘This Is Just The Beginning’ completely took my breathe away. The whole album blends real instruments, recognisable sounds and familiar tones with electronic grooves, tones and samples that really set off the scene and make you smile and tap your foot. ‘This Is Just The Beginning’ feels like it has stepped right out of a gangster and detective movie, I can’t help but feel as though I’ve been transported to another time, sat in a bar listening to a huge band.

I decided to share this track over any others on the album because I feel as though it being the last track, that not as many people will hear it, but maybe i’m wrong. The production on this piece of music and the album in its entirety is tight, full of energy and a real spectacle to admire. I will be searching out more of Hugo Kant’s music as this is one of the most enjoyable albums that I have listened to in recent months. I only wish i’d have found it earlier!

There are moments in the rest of the album where I felt as if i had been swept away and ended up in a parallel universe, from the first beats of the opening track ‘Entering The Black Hole’ through the mesmerising vocal sounds and cut up beats in ‘Odissi’, again I can’t recommend this enough.