This landed in my inbox recently, and from the first hit of the kick drum and roll of the bass line had me hooked. Sumerio brings us the track “Apnea D”, the follow up to “Break”, another track worth checking out if you are in to progressive Techno. This is an impressively produced track that has lots of movement in the high end and arpeggiated riffs, taking full advantage of the stereo width. This is something that I really like in all styles of music, especially electronic based pieces because there is a tendency for these styles to be produced with very mono blocks of sound or static movement.

Coming from a live background, I love to take advantage of the width in a mix, and again, the drums in this track are really well produced, spaced out across the stereo field but also crisp, punchy and well layered. This gives an amazingly strong base for the track to build on, allowing the bass to drive the track forward with such momentum and energy that you can’t help but move along with this track. I think that this would be great on a night time drive through tunnels or the rain.

A subtle siren discordantly drops in and out occasionally, which is brilliant attention to detail, and these subtleties really add spice and flavour to the track. I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for more from this artist and really hope that there is more to come in the not too distant future. Brilliant stuff all round. You can follow Sumerio on Facebook.

This is an absolute blinder of a track that punches so much weight in the intro, and then explodes in to a frantic dance floor, rave worthy track. Think of your strobe lights flashing and people flying on the sticky floors. I love the dark edgy vibe that Dualscript creates when the duo produces their drum and bass. There is so much detail in every aspect of this track that i had to listen to it several times to be able to take it all in.

I’m a huge fan of intricate drum production and patterns, this absolutely hits the nail on the head for me. A track that flows in and out of minimal and heavy at each drop, its so much more than the second track on the EP, but a whole encompassed view in to the mind set of these producers and their musical influences. The bass is rounded and warm, a contrast to the crisp drums and harsh tones that fly over the top. If you want to listen to something to get your juices flowing, this whole EP is worth a listen and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every second of it.

It may have been released a year ago, but when you come across music that you somehow missed when it was released, it is even more special to be able to join the party. I hope you like it as much as I have. You can follow Dualscript on Soundcloud here and find the release on Close 2 Death Recordings.

Liquithority drops another beautiful track, this time with a more subdued vibe called “Interlude”. All I can say about this is I’ve replayed it many times and each time it sends shivers down the back of the neck.

There are subtle nuances that dance around the stereo field that if you are not paying attention, you simply won’t notice. Strings pulsate far in the distance before the drop, swirling through an arpeggio style riff, the sound of waves gives us a sense of ambience and an organic soul.

The drums are round and present in the mix, holding on to the house style roots that this track originated from, the bass ticks along weaving in and out of the drum pattern. I absolutely love this track, I thought that the previous track released by Liquithority was insanely good, but for my own personal tastes in music, this could be my favourite.

Once again, this generous music producer gives away his music for free, so grab it now before he stops being so kind to the music world.

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This is Jade Parker’s second release this year from the Manchester talent and it starts with a beautifully organic, personable track called “Reverse Our Steps” built around a range of cuts of her vocal interspersed into a dubby beat with swirls and space finding sounds that entice the listener to turn up the volume in preparation for what is to come.

Communication is the second track and again it has the true organic vibe that we expect of Jade. The drums land with punch and fizz that really drive the track forward. Her vocal seems effortless as it floats through the stereo field towards you. The instrumentation in her arsenal is smooth and carefully chosen, creating a perfect backdrop for her voice, although it’s not just a backdrop, but an intricate tapestry of musicality and music production skills that find more room for detail on every beat. This is a beautiful track with vocals rolling through each other, dove tailing of the previous line and drifting off into a magical reverb.

The rest of the EP grows off the first two tracks and I urge you to listen to it all, without me telling you exactly what’s to come. “Like No One” and “All I Need” are just as brilliant as all her other work. Rest assured, Jade Parker is making waves with her music, putting on a live show to match her style and passion for the scene, you need to take a listen to this. Oh, and it’s also available on limited edition cassette tape.

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Astron is a percussive, groove driven track that has beautiful melodies and sweeping energy throughout that encapsulates the listener and weaves a spacey tapestry of synth work and arpeggiated riffs around you as the track develops. Hernan Cattaneo and Soundexile have really locked in to a mesmerising rhythm while writing this piece of music and you can hear the potentially contrasting influences coming together in the mix through choices of instrumentation.

I think that the track is caught somewhere in between techno and house genres which is a really cool blend and creates a track that has the progressive variations of the former style and the continuous skip of the latter. Overall, the production in this mix is really clean and everything in the mix has it’s place. The stereo width in the drum pattern is great to listen to through headphones but the whole track screams for the club and a sound system.

Astron is available on Sudbeat Music.

A Spiral in the Dark is John Torri’s latest techno offering on Sub-Label Recordings. This strong 4 track EP includes two original tracks and two remixes of those tracks. The production throughout the selection of tracks is brilliant with really precise, crisp drums that seem to have their own pulse and energy. The driven bass line pulsates while continuously complimenting the groove in the drums. The progressively developed synths give a position of release from the intensity of the rhythm section, and they are so well crafted and designed to contrast against the rest of the track. This really captures the sound of John Torri and builds on his previous releases.

What I really like about this track is how the track develops, almost to the point of insanity with so many instruments creeping forward in the mix and different drum parts capturing the listeners attention. If you listen to the track for a few seconds, you don’t notice the manipulation in the mix, its oh so subtle that you all of a sudden think it has changed completely. Brilliant stuff.

This is an amazing piece of music by Subminimal, a percussive driven track, ambient and minimal with its own pulse, energy and cross over of inspiration. Swaying between techno and dnb, the sound design and choices of instrumentation are awesome, with some fun twists and modulations to the sounds. The gaps in the onslaught of drums and bass allow for excellently crafted variations and fills that really echo out and take advantage of the space before the weight and power comes back in to the track.

Such a unique piece of music deserves to be heard, and due to it crossing several genres, I’m sure that this track will see the light of day in many situations and with different DJs. Its perfect for minimal yet intense sections of a mix. I really enjoyed the variations and beats in general in this track, as soon as the first drum hit, I was hooked.

This is such a dark and moody intro to an absolute dream of a minimal drum and bass remix. Kyrist has pulled together an immense sound palette with insane modulations and beautifully sculpted reverbs that simply slice through the air in front of you.

The drums are sparkly and clean, but have the fizz and power that holds the track together. The kick drum is perfect for this style of Drum and Bass, the percussive patterns are well structured leaving great areas for variations and tweaks to the rhythm. The bass is deep and powerful, rolling along in the back of the track, allowing all the twisted sounds and vocal cuts to slide in and out. The production values on this piece of music are really something to be admired.

This is the best track i’ve heard today, such a great groove and flow. The mix is strong and has great movement throughout. There isn’t a moment in this track where the sonic field stays still, its constantly evolving and developing. Absolutely brilliant.