Here is another stunning track available on Detached Audio, and they are really pushing some fantastic music at the moment. This is Sirus and he brings us Soul Cleanse, a swirly, mesmerising weave of synth work and precision drums. The pad sound in this track is so inviting and with it’s subtle movements and changes, really entrances the listener as the track progresses through it’s stages. The stab like synth reminds me almost of a transformer style sound, which sends a shiver down my spine. The vocal delays bounce in to the distance, falling behind the drums and that amazing pad.

I can’t recommend these chilled vibes enough, and the whole track got a respin instantly because it felt like it was over all too soon, but maybe thats just me wanting more. The overall production values of this track are top quality and I am eagerly awaiting more tracks from Sirus, You can find him on Detached Audio.

Antrim from Argentina brings us his own style of feel good, groove based progressive techno music with this absolutely brilliant three track EP available on Sudbeat. The whole EP has a defined style and accomplished production values that hold the attention of the listener superbly. ‘Bawa’ is the opening track which plays with those upbeat and positive vibes that make you want to dance. This is a fantastic track which oozes with energy and the infectious rhythm is impossible to ignore. 

The vocal soar in and out of the mix, adding the personable feel to the track and connecting the listener to the festival sounding atmosphere that the instruments sit within. The ambience around the vocal is so cool, I love listening to ethereal vocals that drift off in to the distance. The drums are well produced, crisp and punchy, which form a strong backdrop for the rest of the instruments to sit on. The bass is rounded and warm, the synth riff is almost a percussive tone the scratches and slides over the rhythm section with precision and swing. The softer pad sounds are a great contrast to the rest of the instruments that are slightly more aggressive, so these pads create a welcome difference to the sonic balance. The EP also features the tracks ‘Confused’ and ‘Jadidat’ which are worth checking out also.

You can follow Antrim on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Amelie Lens – live bij Studio Brussel