This track has fantastic diversity across so many styles, it really takes you on a journey making you think its going to fall in to trap, electronica, dnb, glitch hop… and then falls in to its groove driven stride with such ease and precision that you are probably unaware of the technical trickery that has gone on because of the ridiculous execution of the production. The track keeps giving throughout, I lost count of the genres it passes through. All I can say is this literally takes the best parts of every genre and merges them in an impossible way that you just need to listen to.

This is amazing. Mr Bill, hats off to you.

This is a summer bouncing tune that will pull a smile across your face thats wider than your ears. From the first Rhodes chord, beautifully delayed and filtered, through the robotic vocals, deep bass hits, chopped guitars and synth stabs, this is an evolving journey with electronic disco undertones. It progresses amazingly, pushing the energy and your expectation of the track throughout – this is a fantastic track by Staunch.

The drums are punchy and fat, everything has its place in the mix and the production is brilliant. This is going to be my summer song for sure. It has every element that you would want to get the party going, brass stings and funk influences throughout.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for Staunch and so should you. The release also features two other tracks, Interstate Grooves feat. Beat Fatigue, and Rhetoric. Both are incredible pieces of music making this three track EP a well rounded and enjoyable collection of tracks. The EP is available on Westwood Recordings.

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T & Sugah x NCT bring us Say To Me which is available on Liquidity Records. This is a fantastic summer drum and bass tune with all the energy possible to lift your mood and put a smile on your face. It kicks off with a beautiful vocal that grabs hold of you and prepares you for a journey that is about to unfold. The drums are bouncy and fun, a subtle hint of the groove is dropped before the build up and the squeeze before the tracks kicks off proper is really nicely filtered.


The vocal production is really smooth and catchy, an infectious lyric that gets stuck in the mind from the first few bars of the track. The stutter effects and vocal edits are current and slick which really gives this track a character of its own. The drum fills accent the energy shift and drive of the track while building for the next section to continue the energy. The bass line is cool and full of life, creating that perfect driving vibe or summer dance floor filler.

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Nymad from Manchester releases a fantastic EP called 3 Ways to Cure a Soul on Finest Ego. The third track on the EP is called “Mutual” and is a rhythmically driven master piece with great ambience and musicianship throughout. It draws on many electronic styles and mixed with great production skills, wraps this beautiful soundscape together for a great experience for the listener. The drums are energetic and sharp, playing fantastically with the empty space and the off beat. The filtered arpeggiator sweeps through the sonic spectrum with a grace and presence that exaggerates the track to the drop. The bass line in this is deep and melodic, it brings a new energy to the drum, almost highlighting the tones in the individual hits.


The rest of the EP is worth a listen and if you enjoyed this track, you should take the time to experience the sounds of Nymad as he is a great producer who is making waves for himself to ride on, with a great ear for sounds and a real ability to write a track that takes you on a journey.

Celo has weaved an intricate masterpiece with the track “Fall”. The energy in this release is high, pushed along with incredibly sculpted drums and subtly modulated bassline, everything that a listener wants in a drum and bass tune. This track, available on Nu-Venture Records, is top quality and I have enjoyed every second of it, so much so that I have replayed it several times in order to fully appreciate it while not writing to the groove. The instrumentation is well balanced and perfectly mixed with very effective use of effects and filters to alter the balance of the leading instruments. The drum fills and twists in the breaks are fun to listen to and give the track a real identity.

I’ve heard a fair few tracks from Celo now, and they get stronger all the time while retaining his signature sound and production values. I’d heavily recommend listening to the catalogue so that you can appreciate this music production of drum and bass at its finest.

This track landed in my inbox this week and it was a refreshing change to listen to some music which comes from a completely different direction to what I would normally seek out.

The vocal production is second to none and this being the main focus of the track, the intensity and passion of the Violeta’s vocals are more than mesmerising, pulling the listener in.

The instrumental behind the vocals is smooth and precise with a nod to an 80’s sounding set of instruments, accenting the rises and scoops in the vocal delivery with a level of professionalism and musical certainty.

The drums push the track forward with an amazing sounding kick drum and, in style with the rest of the track, lovely reverb on the snare. The arp synth is rounded and sweeping, sinking away in to the background just as the listener wants more. This is a really great track all round and I encourage you to take a listen to some of Violeta Skya’s other tracks. You can follow her on Facebook and Youtube.
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