Available on Samurai Music, this track has groove, ambience and leans towards a more sinister vibe. Kwartz has an amazing talent from drum production with the percussion and energy continuously developing and driving the track forward. Each drum sound is perfectly crafted to cut through the wall of sound, and tail off in to the background with it’s reverb or delay pattern. The percussion is positioned all around the stereo field which makes it a joy to listen to. This sounds awesome on all sound systems I have played it through – a really inspiring mix.

The rest of the instruments fall in to a drone type category, pulsating in and out of the drums and ambience. The texture and tonality of the low end bass part, and the pads, is really rich and filters through a gritty energy in the track. There are other sweeping sounds that come in and out that are really cool in the way that they pull your attention away from the rest of the mix and over to one side of the stereo field before dropping you right back in to the centre of the mix. I love this track and I am really inspired by most of the output from Samurai Music.

You can follow Kwartz on Soundcloud.

This track has power, energy and soul, all wrapped up in a classic drum and bass vibe that sweeps you off your feet and makes you want to turn up the volume and reach to the sky. DJ Ransome has produced an absolutely magical journey in “Arctic Blizzard”, a track that has delicate pianos and hard hitting drums that really blend all parts of drum and bass in to this piece of music. The production is absolutely on point, the drums are crisp and punchy, ticking along with the driving bass which has an brilliant tone to it, even on the smallest of speakers.
The swirling effects and ambience throughout the track grabbed my attention immediately, transporting me and you as a listener to a cold, open world, ready to be enlightened by the track as it drops with the far reaching reverbs, seamless delays and host of beautifully crafted parts on a host of different instruments including brass, pianos and reverberant strings in the background. There are not enough words in my lexicon to describe exactly how this track makes me feel, but because I don’t like to repeat the words I have already used to continue describing a piece of music. This is amazing and you should listen to it.
It is part of an amazing EP called “The Arctic Blizzard / The Night Tube”, which is available on Influenza Media. You can follow DJ Ransome on Facebook, Twitter and listen to his brilliant podcast on dnbradio.com.

Taken from the soundtrack for App: A Human Story, Enter Ants is a beautifully crafted soundscape of arpeggiated chords, piano chords, a reverberant drum and vocals, as well as many intricately positioned sounds that build this amazing piece of music. The ambience that the instruments are placed in to is something special and inspiring to hear how the sounds pulsate forward through the space.

This whole album is awesome and something really different to listen to because of how freshly the instruments are used to build different levels of tension, intrigue, sadness and joy. This will take you on a journey and can do so with or with out the visuals that it has been written for.

The Muse Maker is a true talent and I am really inspired by this music. I hope you enjoy it too! You can listen to this on Spotify and follow him on Facebook.

This track, Let it Burn, has a fresh and organic feel throughout which is perfect for the soulful vocals that Kole weaves over the track. The production on the vocals themselves is really nice to listen to, such a smooth flow exaggerated by subtle reverbs carrying the vocal off in to the background. The backing vocals give a warm and wide feel to the vocal parts which is really nice to listen to.

The instrumental track progresses in just the right areas adding emphasis and focus for the track as it grows around the vocal. The drums are well produced and give the track a more modern twist which allows it to drop in to more popular electronic pop music style which would fit perfectly at home in front of summer festival crowds.

I love organic sounds and music that is made using ethereal elements. Combined with a vocal that has power, soul and emotion – its a brilliant combination that I can listen to over and over.

The track is produced by Miami Horror, who can be found along with Kole on Facebook and Spotify.
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The Tesseract – This has all the energy you ever needed in a psy-trance epic, and it’s the latest offering from Mechanimal, an accomplished and clinical producer in this genre. The synth work is pin point through out with smooth filter modulations altering the texture of the wall of sound coming towards you. Even on a small set of speakers, this track still portrays energy and power. The space around the sounds is amazing to listen to with the sweeping synths and pulsating rhythms slicing right through, just perfectly.

The sonic spectrum and stereo field is completely filled with energy and movement within this track and it is really exciting to listen to. The risers help build the energy in a recognisable fashion, but the musicality and percussive elements are already building the power in the track, so this is truly a magical piece of music production to admire.

You can follow Mechanimal on Soundcloud. This release is available on Sculpted Sounds as part of the Foundational Frequencies compilation.

D Flect brings us Reflection as a free download on Soundcloud. This track has a downbeat and almost somber starting point, almost an opportunity for “Reflection”. But all that quickly lifts with the brass licks, soaring vocals and perfect drums. The beat ticks along giving a real sense of direction for the track, holding all of the instruments in place, this is a beautiful piece of music all round and a joy to listen to. As a free download, you don’t want to miss this track. It has everything that you want in a smooth, liquid drum and bass track. It would be perfect in many situations and this is a credit to the production of the individual sounds and mix in general.


As soon as the track was finished, I wanted to listen to the next, so I replayed the track before moving on to find more of D Flect’s tracks. I’m sure you will do the same. D Flect can be found on Soundcloud and Facebook.
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Depths is a fantastic dnb journey by a talented artist known as K2T. This release come to you on Detached Audio, a drum and bass label providing forward thinking music. And this certainly fits in to that dimension. The drums are punchy yet feel like they are being played through a vinyl with a warmth and crackle that gives them a really interesting character. The bass dives around somewhat a kin to trap and more bass driven music, yet it fits perfectly with the pads and almost scatty percussive bubbles.

There is a real strand of originality in the is track, as well as the rest of the ep that this comes from – Starscape. K2T is a really imaginative music producer and he presents some incredible ideas and mixes in his musical output. This track, Depths, is a perfect example of one of the extremes of his style within drum and bass for example.

I always make a point of highlighting the fact that music that catches you by surprise – is my favourite, obviously there are still limits to this, but K2T has a fantastic ability to pull you in and out of a mood or genre with out causing confusion.

Take the time to listen to this ep, another track called The Idealist shows a very different dimension to K2T which tugs on the tender side of your emotions….