Ground Unit bring us Animal EP on Nu Venture Records, which is a joy to listen to. The stand out track for me is the title track Animal. The pads are rich and inviting at the front of the track, and the drum build up ramps up the energy before the track drops.


The bass sounds are inventive and complimentary of each other to give the track a unique identity. The vocals are beautiful, soaring notes contrasting against the jumpy staccato drum and bass backdrop that pushes us forward. This track is great, I really enjoyed it.


The rest of the EP is great and well worth your time to listen to, with upbeat, positive music with brass parts and amazing vocals. Check out Ground Unit on Soundcloud or in our Spotify Playlist!
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What a fantastic collection of tracks. There really is something for everyone on this album. Zed Bias brings us Selectah, Vol.1, which like all things we expect from this artist, is top quality dance floor grooves and heartfelt downtempo vibes. Full of catchy, funky bass lines, soulful top vocal lines, grimy raps, sparkly brass and beautiful Rhodes keys, all mixed and twisted together with a masterful craft.

After listening through the album a couple of times, stand out tracks for myself personally are “Raise Your Hand”, “Letting You Go” and “Vibesin” but this is a really difficult thing to pick out of a body of work that is inspired and well connected. It should be listened to from start to finish so that you can be taken on the journey of blended influences and styles. Each collaborating or featured artist brings their own unique element to the track, Trigga for example really lifts the pace and energy, while Tyler Daley gives us layers and harmonies that exaggerate the grooves in a whole different manner.

If you want a journey this evening, get in your favourite listening position and  listen to this. You will not be disappointed. This is top quality music in 2018.
This track by Natalie Graham incorporates many aspects that I can’t help but love. The combination of earth shaking bass, pianos, a diverse vocal that can both sing and rap – all wrapped up in some great production and focused song direction. This is the first single off Natalie Graham’s album that will be released in the summer. The production in the vocals is really polished and allows them to show their character on top of a cool beat that supports the vocal focus and delivers more where its needs to.

I think that this track is fresh and honest. It paints a sonic picture of the artist we are listening to and leaves the audience longing for more. Which is perfect because there is more just around the corner.

One of the most accomplished musicians / producers i’ve heard for a long time, Liquithority from Manchester, UK, writing predominantly house music, brings us The Funk with this blindingly catchy track. Setting his tone from the beginning this track has all the elements that you recognise but with the unique Liquithority flair and style that adds a level of detail to all of his productions.

The drum production is on point and the use of the crowd to serve as part of the beat but also to give the track its own ambience is amazing. The bass progressively develops throughout the track giving us a taste of the other influences within the Liquithority arsenal.

To top it off, the video that has been put together is a brilliant example of how a music video can add more depth and audience attachment to a track. Mesmerising is the easy way to describe it, but its more than that as the ink pulsates and alters speed with the energy of the track. This completes the project and I really admire the detail and time that has been put in to this project.

Check out more of the tracks and releases from this artist on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube etc etc There are some amazing tracks he has shared which are all infectiously groovy.

Tiamat gives us our first listen to Sant Bellante on Compatible Music, collaborating with Sebastian Markiewicz and I have to say that I was immediately drawn in to the spacious percussive, sci fi inspired introduction that really grabbed the attention ready for the journey that is about to begin.

It really put a smile on my face and you are compelled to nudge up the volume as the development into a progressive track, pushing through many influential styles, keeps giving to the listener. I really enjoy listening to music that has been crafted from different influences and the groove throughout with the rolling conga is a perfect stylistic choice that reveals other ideas in the track.

The vibe of this track is really cool, weaving together elements of house and techno styles mixed with well chosen percussion and development throughout. The detail in the production is really nice to hear and this keeps the listener interested and hooked to the track.

This track is exclusively available to listen to on web streaming service Check it out along with the rest of this brilliant release!
I’ve listened to this track a couple of times now, it has an inviting pad and vocal that draw in the listener and caresses the ears before the bass lands and shudders the complexion of your thought process. The track feels raw and truthful to the artists involved, blending together the different styles and influences that clearly come from hip hop, trap and ambient electronica. Musa is an artist to watch out for!

I like to listen to as many different styles as possible and I really enjoy music that blends ideas and concepts together. It makes music more enjoyable for everyone involved. I really believe that the artists in this track have started a musical journey for themselves that will produce some amazing music and I can’t wait to listen to more!
This is Ash:Ram’s debut EP on Celsius Recordings and it is quite special. Starting with Crushed, we are straight in to a deep rolling drum and bass track with fluttering overtone melodies and brilliant production all round. The drums sound fresh and exciting with their percussive elements darting in and out, while the bass pulsates and pull the track around brilliantly.

Title track Vertigo starts as a more ambient track but when it drops we are pulled straight back to the mood and groove we were just swaying too, but dressed up in a whole new incarnation of the Ash:Ram style. The bass still pulls around but its now a familiarity that we long for when listening. This track has a great vibe and is my favourite on the EP.

Gently leans slightly more to a breaks style to start with, its more scatty feeling but still precision drums keep you on your toes as you find yourself moving yet again to the infectious groove. The vocals and pianos compliment each other beautifully in this track giving a perfectly rounded EP of three powerful and amazing produced drum and bass tracks.