The End Of The World And To The Left EP is a 6 track collection of tracks from hip hop artist Burnin Giraph. It is a really cool and diverse set of tracks that is quite special to listen to. In terms of being surprised, the track Cheers feat. Loe really takes you to another place within the EP. The whole musical journey from Burnin Giraph is interesting and encapsulating from start to finish and I know that I will be listening to this again.

The vocals and smooth pads in Cheers are really well crafted and sit with just enough of a cushion between the drums and bass ticking over underneath. The production is really good and the mixes are well balanced and inspiring to listen to.
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Enter Linear, with his unique and distinct, deep and powerful stye of drum and bass. This track, ‘Heavyweight’ really is a heavy, room shaker. Get your speakers set just right to appreciate this track as it has a really round and well produced low end holding everything together. The percussion dances around beautifully over the weight and the melodic sounds flutter with detail around the stereo field.

This is really great to listen to and is a great example of Linear’s sound, and also of the label Critical Bass Recordings.

There is a hyped energy being held back in this track which really gives it an edgy feel as if it could drop and knock you out of your chair each time there is a little cut for a variant fill. It is a very well produced and crafted piece of music. Take a listen!

The newest release from Manchester’s Denis Jones is 3333.

With a fresh twist on his sound and a deeper feeling record to the previous releases, the reach of this artist is growing and his dedication to his project is inspiring to anyone.

For a musician to be able to build a sonic environment around their voice in the context of a solo live performer is the point to remember with this music. It’s a performance that you can experience and I would also highly recommend this if you get the chance.

Jazz Squared is probably my favourite on this album, the vocal layers are mesmerising which is to be expected from Denis Jones, if you have any knowledge of this producer performer.

Production through this collection of tracks is interesting to listen to with different instruments sliding through each other to the fore front and back into the soundscape, which is beautiful to listen to.

This could easily be enjoyed at any time of the day and I would highly recommend checking it out!