The So Much Style EP by Beat Le Juice from Poland is a refreshing, cleanly produced set of tracks that dance through funk, disco and bass music on a fun sonic journey.

This is well worth a listen from start to finish with great catchy riffs, well produced drums and great instrumentation all round. Funk Magic feels slightly edgier and overall my favourite of the tracks, the horn parts and reverberant vocals are really well positioned around the stereo field. Be sure to take a listen to this on a decent pair of headphones so that you can appreciate the detail that has gone in to the production.

There are more chilled moments throughout the ep that bring the energy down like in the title track, So Much Style, which gives us time to breathe and sway within the musicality of the track. This really has been produced with great detail and it is a joy to listen to.

You can check out the EP on all streaming services, it was released on Scour Records.

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Ramal Rifiki is a Manchester based producer and vocalist with a unique, upbeat and fresh twist to his style of electronic hip hop.

I really like this piece of music, it has great energy right from the off coming from the groove and tone of the bass synth. This sets the tone for the track and you know that the there is a driving beat waiting to start up.

The track properly drops and the energy from the drums and the slightly more present vocals really lift the track. The main vocal itself has a cool hypnotic flow to it that draws in the listener.

The sample manipulation is stylised with a nod to its hip hop and trap influences, but well executed all the same, giving a familiar and gritty element to the track.

It is great to listen to a vocalist that is in total control of the production elements and music. You can really hear the time that has been put in to Ramal Rafiki’s music and its something to admire. Check out more of his releases on Soundcloud.

‘B&b is a collaboration between rapper/poet/vocalist Sean Braithwaite (MC Buzz B, Lion Rock) and producer Ben Ashdown (Truant, Showbanned) that was first conceptualised in 2009 as a “wouldn’t be nice if…” idea. Well they got round to it… and I’m really pleased they did.’

This is a stunning piece of music. It will exaggerate any mood you are in and I have listened to this several times now – still reaching for the repeat play button each time. I absolutely love the soundscape that is crafted from the ambience at the beginning through to the carefully constructed instruments leaving space for the vocals to sit, without being in your face or over bearing.

The production is brilliant, I really can’t fault it. The bass is round and weighty, the vocals are soft, yet clear and present, the drums hold the track together perfectly. There are not too many other instruments that try to take the lead or simply get in the way, this is one of the most organic piece of music I have heard for a while and I was so happy to come across it.

Here’s to hoping that this collective continue to produce and write music of this calibre, we could all benefit from sounds like this in our lives.

This is available on Aficionado Records and is part of a collaborative EP called – Good Measure EP Part Two, and is also available on vinyl.

From the artwork, you would be forgiven for thinking this is going to be an easy ride of an EP with relaxing tones throughout. That would be a no. This is a fantastically diverse set of tracks with contrasting tones of sound design and recognisable instrumentation that really engages the listener.

The track Honestly from this EP is a blend of ethereal vocals and heavy precision drums, with a smooth bass holding everything together. This track feels so raw with its drums pounding away, driving the track through the reverberant tails of vocals and pianos. Its quite haunting yet inviting at the same time and this is brilliant in a piece of music, being able to evoke two contrasting emotions at the same time. The production on this track is second to none and it really is something to admire within the drum and bass spectrum, it is also a great example of relatively simple instrumentation sounding huge and being perfectly crafted together to create the very character of this track. This is a brilliant piece of music to start the EP that is available on Soul Deep Recordings. The rest of the EP takes us through several other sub genres of drum and bass, all executed with the same precision and extreme craft that is the Conrad Subs sound.

I would recommend checking out some of the other releases of this producer if this is the first track you have heard, he has an impressive catalogue and release rate that is inspiring in itself.

The EP is available on Soul Deep Recordings.