A psychedelic rock band fused with ska, punk and philosophy. Intriguing! Fred Dibnar is a collection of musicians from Leicester who travelled up the m6 to work in the studio over a long weekend.

Their target was to get a three track documentation of their work down as the future of the band was uncertain due to various reasons. Although the band have several recordings already, it was their first visit to a studio. They were set to have a blast stocked up with all the supplies they would need in order to stay in the zone all weekend – literally.

Friday evening was spent getting a drum sound that was to the liking of a charismatic drummer who was playing on a borrowed kit from the studio complex. Saturday was dominated by guitars and bass tracking, as well as mass consumption of food and ale.

Sunday was extremely relaxed and a more intimate session with just Ben from the studio along with Eddy and Phil from the band. Vocals were the aim of the game, with several different harmonies and ways of singing each song, we finally settled on an approach for each song and started tracking the vocals.

Good news was received later on the Sunday when in turned out several members of the band were going to be able to continue to commit their time to the cause. This was also great for the mixing process because some ideas that we had not had time to capture would still be able to make it in to the project at a later date.

Ben spent several sessions mixing the tracks, Eddy also came back to the studio to give a final input on the mixing process before the tracks were handed over to Alasdair for mastering.

There will be more to come in the new year when the band return to the studio to record more tracks.


The first project since expanding the studio was a singer songwriter, from a metal band background, called Paul Wild.

Paul had a collection of acoustic tracks that he wanted to capture a live performance recording of. We spent two afternoons capturing the huge performances from Paul and then spent an evening recording additional vocals with Ben to add an extra depth to the recording.

The intention of the mix was to keep the tracks as raw as possible and to put them in an spacious audible environment.

The sessions recording were amazing and extremely productive. Rynette was on hand to capture some choice photos of the action going on in the live room and the control room.

You will find a track from the session on the portfolio page and on the studio soundcloud page as well as Paul’s internet networks!