The Mike Moss band recording an acoustic track

Mike Moss and his band, one of which is our own engineer Ben, came for a double use of the studio in January. Primarily to record an love acoustic version of the track ‘Drop in the ocean’, but secondly, to capture the performance on video to create a blended music video for the track – along with a live recording from Manchester Academy.

Rynette of Red Metal Productions was requested by Mike to be the leader of the project as a whole being the video editor and visionary for the final outcome. Ben took care of the recording, more difficult than first anticipated when needing to be looking in the complete opposite direction from the console and screens. Job done, no problem – great fun.

All the audio was then compiled and passed over to Christophe next door to mix and master, before being passed back to Rynette for the video edit. The final cut of the video is fantastic and you can also see bit of footage in the Mike Moss Showreel also created by Rynette.

Mike Moss Facebook

Mike Moss Official Website

Red Metal Productions YouTube

Rynette Vimeo

Several years ago Ben was in a band with Hunter, a close working musical partner in a progressive grunge based band. The group stopped playing together due to musical differences and time commitments, something uncommon in the scene.

Hunter has continued to work in the the studio since on various projects including the Mike Sweeney and Paddy O’Hare EP. At the beginning of 2013 guitars at the ready… Dream come true, a little bit of progressive grunge appeared very much in the same style as before. Maybe a new beginning for a studio project – a no live element needed, writing machine of musical fluency.

With the inclusion of Alasdair’s piano skills, the expanse of the project Ben and Andy had originally wanted became a reality. Keep watching…