Daddysmilk came to C2CA and worked on a 6 track ep with Ben. The tracking was a blast, three drum kits, multiple amps and various effects pedal chains…… endless fun.

Here are a few pictures from the tracking.

Marius then spent many sessions with Ben in the studio working on the mixes and achieving the sound that was the goal.

Ben was extremely pleased with the outcome and the opportunity to give the new studio setup a workout.

Daddysmilk then had the ep mastered at the Laboratory Project Studios.


The Laboratory Project

After many weeks of wiring, re-wiring, changing layouts and toying with different ways of setting up the studio space, we are finally happy with the work flow. Cause 2 Create Audio is back up and running.

There is still plenty of room in the design layout for expansion should there be a need too, but we are pretty set on this rig now.


So the Cause2Create team have been busy designing and building the new setup in the brand new development at Bexley Square. Its been a long process but the equipment is moved in and wired in, the rest of the furniture still needs to go in place but then the acoustic treatment will continue.

This is the fun part though, starting with a blank canvas and lots of ideas mixed with a few experiences of the last studio and others along the way.

A significant change in gear with a new core of the studio, the mixer, audio interface and the monitors have all been upgraded, excellent.