Month: October 2018

Boogie Box Podcast 011 Juniper

K2T & Sirus – Rwenzori

K2T in collaboration with Sirus blow us away with a smooth, liquid Drum and Bass number called ‘Rwenzori’ which is available on Detached Audio. The track features a lush piano which holds all the elements together in a timeless fashion. The drums are crisp and punchy throughout, with subtle movements of the high percussion in…

Bereneces – Minimal DNB Mix

Celo – Calling

Celo, from Denmark, has released this brilliant double track EP featuring this blinder called ‘Calling’, which is possibly one of the meanest and hypnotic tracks i’ve listened to for a while! It’s easy to throw words like that around about any track you listen too, but this honestly feels so organic, wide and spacious, yet…

Flexagon’s Psychedelic Psyder Chillout Part 27

DJ Ryde – Deeper Creeper

This is part of the ‘Aliens Are Coming’ EP available on Fresh DEM Records, Deeper Creeper by DJ Ryde. A truly upbeat and bouncy drum and bass tracks that is produced to a very high standard, and contains all the parts of a true dnb classic. The playful melody floats above the rest of the…

Shogun Audio Presents: 2017 (Continuous Mix)